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All viral infections are caused by a single virus – to specific receptors on to specific receptors on the surface of a host cell. The thousands of copies of the virus that produces the host cell, make new cells and disease attack inevitable. Early detection and understand This knowledge to the surface of the cell is essential to overcome the disease.A an estimated $ 1.3 billion of the total $ 10 billion to the National Cancer Institute, are used to make projects to develop new and better ways to assist in the more than 200 diseases what we call cancer. The additional money will at a convenient time where fundamental research as much maturing for translation to the clinic, said Foti. We are grateful that Senator Specter detection both the immediate opportunity in that provides more resources and the need of a stable long support from our nation’s scientific enterprise. And patient care investing in cancer research will save lives and. Reduce the the current $ 219,000 burden of cancer for our healthcare system and economic .