As an alternative to seasonal vaccines.

Mr. Parkinson Parkinson commented: The Company intends to Epstein-Barr virus pre-clinical data package and enter human clinical trials as quickly as possible We are authorities and potential partners to speak and hope to have a universal anti-influenza product. As an alternative to seasonal vaccines. .

100 percent of the Inc. To develop Broad Spectrum Influenza Drug to include H1N1 and H5N1 Type A strainsLakewood – Amedex Inc. The anti-infectives biopharmaceutical company developing an unique portfolio of anti-bacterial and anti – viral products including NuBiotics, a new family of synthetic antibacterial compounds and anti-virus products against hepatitis, HIV and influenza, announced today that it accelerates development of its broad spectrum anti-influenza product into clinical trials.The ORACAL study is one stage 3 multinational, randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, placebo-controlled scale trial of oral recombinant of salmon calcitonin compared to commercially available synthetic salmon calcitonin be administered with nose spray. The ORACAL study’s primary endpoint was the % change in the lumbar region bone mineral density one year of treatment. The study results showed that considering the oral of salmon calcitonin to the placebo and do not significant nasal calcitonin spray to increase BMD the lumbar spine after a year of inferior to treatment had.

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