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Harvard officials said the lengthy licensing process, conducted occurred ‘under one roof the new ethics rules ‘, with the aim of improving the research while not offending opponents of such research has been carried out, the Washington Post reports . The Harvard researchers said that measures their job to prove the authenticity of the research and the ethical treatment of the people involved contains. Research using somatic cell nuclear transfer also takes place in the UK, and at the University of California – San Francisco at the University of Connecticut Center for Regenerative Biology.. Approval Process the approval process for the project, two years, was two years, was of audit committees at Harvard, two Boston – area hospitals, one was conducted in-vitro fertilization clinic and Columbia University, according to the Wall Street Journal .

However, said Robert Lanza, vice president of Worcester, Mass.-based Advanced Cell Technology, a six-month campaign to recruit his company to women to donate their eggs seem ‘a a waste of effort a waste of effort, ‘adding that many women were initially interested but ‘change[d] their minds when they realize what’s involved ‘.. Harvard Announces Approval of Two Embryonic research with therapeutic cloningEgg Donation According to the Hartford Courant, one of the ‘difficult ‘problems in the approval involved the two Harvard projects was, as the women who donated eggs for research compensate that it paid illegal for researchers, for eggs to be used in embryonic stem cell research makes.A crystal panel of HPC Conduct and expertise Committee heard while they of University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Mr. Webster together with someone else calling a private bank account ODA Professional and Technical Development Directory employs.

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