Antibiotic for plague accepted by the FDA A plague outbreak could be extremely deadly.

Antibiotic for plague accepted by the FDA A plague outbreak could be extremely deadly, so much so that officials warn it can be found in a bioterror attack. Now U .S regulators have approved use of a powerful Johnson & Johnson antibiotic to treat and prevent the extremely rare but potentially deadly bacterial infection. PICTURES: Tsunami: 10 health threats that could arrive next Scientists crack genetic code of Dark Death germ, Yersinia pestis The U.S. Food and Medication Administration also accepted Levaquin, known as levofloxacin generically, to reduce threat of people obtaining plague after exposure to the bacteria that causes it, known as Yersinia pestis. Plague mainly occurs in animals.

Other useful interventions include supplementing with organic herbs like valerian root, melatonin, and hops. Clinical studies indicate that nutrients such as omega-3 polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, magnesium, and adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola can synergize with healthful eating habits and stress management techniques to effectively optimize the body’s tension response mechanisms and support healthful neurological conversation, explains the Life Extension Foundation . Furthermore, compounds such as B-vitamins and amino acids can provide the recycleables the body must ensure correct neurotransmitter synthesis and signaling. .. Anti-anxiety, sleep medications boost likelihood of drug abuse – Relieve stress and anxiety and get sleep naturally Adolescents given prescriptions for sleeping supplements or anti-anxiety medications by their family doctors are up to 12 situations more likely to be on to abuse those and/or other medications into adulthood, according to shocking new research published by the American Emotional Association .