Answer: An MRI.

Answer: An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging is a useful tool in evaluating the spine.A CAT scan or a CT scan uses radiation to assess spinal abnormalities. For example, a CT scan for spinal fractures, disc herniation and spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the spinal canal to evaluate. CT scan is faster than an MRI, and provides better detail of the bones in the spine.

For example, difference between an MRI and CAT scan, if either should be used?An MRI is non-invasive, does not use radiation and provides a good visualization of the spinal ligaments, disk herniation, bone infection of the spine or disc, a tumor, and spinal cord compression or damage. You can not have an MRI if you already. Use a pacemaker or certain types of aneurysm clips, for example.That peer review account is the most up-to-date synthesis and assessment of the scientific literature on the impact global change for human health, welfare, and settlements the United States. Time is been developed by Directives the CCSP.

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