And the real way others living with serious chronic conditions are treated.

Call for every health insurance plan to cover Phenylketonuria The following can be an op-ed by Jeffrey Lewis, President of the Heinz Family Philanthropies: Credit Senators John Kerry and Robert Casey with a substantial contribution to medical care debate: a bill ends a glaring disparity in the manner Americans coping with Phenylketonuria control their potentially devastating disease, and the real way others living with serious chronic conditions are treated .

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‘Call to action’ about wrong-route injections in anesthesia Worldwide changes in catheter system design are urgently had a need to prevent significant complications caused by accidental injection of drugs into the wrong location, in accordance to a special editoral in the March problem of Anesthesia & Analgesia, official journal of the International Anesthesia Study Society . David J. Birnbach, MD, MPH, of University of Miami Miller School of Medication and Charles A. Vincent, PhD, of Imperial University London issue a ‘call to action’ on the long-neglected problem of wrong-route shots in anesthesia. Dr Birnbach remarks, ‘Our objective is to provide a well-known but poorly addressed problem into the light so that world leaders in anesthesiology and individual safety could work together to come up with solutions that can be embraced throughout the world.