Although Cuba and New Zealand have developed vaccines specific meningococcal B strains.

Although Cuba and New Zealand have developed vaccines specific meningococcal B strains, develop a broad spectrum vaccination a challenge because a challenge because the proteins on the surface of bacteria against which an immune response is produced , can vary this. Creates barriers to the development of a vaccine that is effective against different strains.

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‘The results were spectacular, ‘Dubcovsky said. ‘The granules of the genetically modified plants tire few weeks later than control plants and was 30 % less cereal protein, zinc and iron, approved without differences in grain size. This experiment shows that this a single gene all these changes. All these changes. ‘.

Dubcovsky said researchers had astonished to find that all cultivated pasta and bread wheat cultivars previously analyzed a non-functional copy of GPC – B1 , suggesting that this gene lost during the domestication of wheat. Find out the restoration of the functionality gene of the wild species in the commercial varieties of wheat has the potential to raise the nutritional value of a large part to our current cultivated wheat has, ‘he said. ‘In addition, this discovery clear offers an example of value and the importance of maintaining of wild germplasm – the Provided of genetic diversity – out our crop. ‘.