Along with the National Pregnancy Support Helpline.

Along with the National Pregnancy Support Helpline, pregnancy-related Medicare payment for pregnancy support counseling provided by licensed physicians.The GP service is for concerned about a concerned about a current pregnancy or one that occurred in the previous 12 months, and can be any pregnancy-related question for the non-directive counseling appropriate address. Medicare benefits are for the advice of licensed psychologists, social workers and mental health nurses on referral from a GP is available.

Trained professionals – nurses, social workers and psychologists – offers free, confidential and non-directive counseling and information to help women make the decision that is right for them. All helpline advisers have undertaken specific training in non-directive pregnancy counseling.. The helpline is operated by McKesson Asia Pacific Pty Limited, which has a long experience in providing quality telephone counseling services in Australia.The EU as a whole, who death rate by lung cancer in women made 12.55 per 100,000 the female population disappear in 2007 to 13.12 in 2011.

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