All the content can be viewed on a laptop or iPad.

All the content can be viewed on a laptop or iPad. As an internal user group, students can access the library with their matriculation. The portal employs MySQL database on a UNIX-based server running a Java Runtime Environment. The database is linked with the existing learning platform ILIAS Mainz University Medical Center. The portal development team at the Department of Dentistry of the University of Mainz Medical Center plans to anonymised anonymized cases available online to nearly 200 by the start of the winter term 2010/2011 semester.

Chief Scientific Officer of Mainz University Medical Center, Professor Reinhard Urban. At the same time, Urban is no doubt that the new e-learning platform is a real bonus in every respect: ILKUM is the perfect study aid for our nearly 350 dental students during their clinical training and providing them excellent opportunities individual edit and close the object. ILKUM thus contributes to a long-term improvement in the quality of teaching and medical education. he also notes that the new portal has been integrated seamlessly into the current teaching approach and provides for cross-over between the medical and dental curricula..For more tests showed that the layers reactive oxygen species Been significantly higher in which CKD group. In addition Zaza and his colleagues, that these species part of vicious circle of breathing dysregulation at in CKD, ‘Our hypothesis is that an increased production of ROS, by the action of pro-inflammatory mediators may be a depth of inhibition causing oxidation system that can system, which may be of compensatory ‘ hypertrophy ‘ of its components. Addition, hypertrophic and compromised oxidative phosphorylation system of is priming a vicious circle of, whereby ‘a continuous release of ROS.. Researchers found 44 genes that had up to the the peripheral blood mononuclear cells on chronic kidney disease compared with normal controls is.