About IntrinsiQIntrinsiQ.

IntelliDose gives oncology physicians a clinical information system that ensures patient safety though automation and standards built specifically to meet the needs of a specific practice, saving working time, maximizing reimbursement and reducing operating costs.. About IntrinsiQIntrinsiQ, LLC is the leading provider of medical oncology workflow solutions and the premier source of U.S. Oncology data and analysis. Every month, IntrinsiQ market leading software application Intel Lidos, the treatment decisions and details from more than 700 physicians, for the more than 19,500 unique patients, and more than 128,000 drug administrations.

Since these doctors move from electronic processes electronic processes, they drive record growth for IntrinsiQ, LLC and its flagship oncology electronic health record software, IntelliDose. The IntelliDose customer base by 10 % over the past 90 days, expanded and continued his 100 % customer satisfaction renewal rate.The results indicated that subjected among all the high-risk women in the study, which average risk of breast was increase due to low doses exposure does not 1.5 times larger than that of women with high risk on low-dose radiation. Womens exposed to high-risk before age 20 or of five or more exposures 2.5 times more likely in develop breast cancer than women high risk about does not on low-dose radiation.