A privately held biopharma company.

Chiasma presents Octreolin pharmacology data from clinical studies at International Pituitary Congress Chiasma, Inc., a privately held biopharma company, presented pharmacology results from clinical studies at the 12th International Pituitary Congress displaying that Octreolin, a proprietary investigational fresh oral formulation of octreotide, demonstrated a consistent pharmacokinetic profile similar to that of subcutaneously injected octreotide acetate rx pharm . Most important, the data illustrated that Octreolin decreased growth hormones levels, a medical endpoint that has been used for authorization in other medications for acromegaly.

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The chemotherapy fraud exposedAs NaturalNews provides explained over the last 10 years, chemotherapy is definitely medical fraud. Rather than improving the immune response of patients, it harms the disease fighting capability, causing tumors to grow back. This latest researching additional confirms what we’ve known for a long time in the holistic health community: That chemotherapy is normally, flatly stated, poison. It isn’t ‘treatment,’ it isn’t medicine, and it’s not avoidance or a cure. It’s poison with virtually no medicinal worth except in probably one or two % of cancer cases. The No. 1 side-effect of chemotherapy is certainly, by the real way, cancer. Cancers centers should technically become renamed ‘poison centers’ because they’re in the business of poisoning individuals with a toxic cocktail of chemical substances that modern technology reveals to be a cancer tumor growth accelerant!.