A huge problem.

A huge problem.Project Prevention lower the number of pregnancies among women with HIV / AIDS AffectedON THIS ‘WORLDS AIDS DAY ‘We know many things to discuss, but we are sure that contraceptives not one of them. Project Prevention considers it important, not only to cure babies with AIDS work, but also to more women with HIV / AIDS in a long-term contraceptive methods on future pregnancies, could children in need could cause work. Why are we so the suffering continues, if it can be prevented?

In sub-Saharan Africa died more than 2.5 million children under 15 years of AIDS. Most of these children were exposed to HIV during birth or breastfeeding. Kenya falls in sub-Saharan Africa.Bus stop 28900000000 US dollars $ 28900000000 in the the financing for the fiscal year had has 379 U.S. Dollars million as low as the NIH received this year.. Is number of high-profile biomedical researcher buttonholing members of the Congress, the Bush administration flattered and usually sounding the alarm on President Bush proposed reduction in in NIH financial in fiscal year year 2008, the Washington Post reports.

Dollars of younger explorer be in the single digits, the Post reports.. Researchers say that lack of funding discourage blocks key research projects Education and young researchers. Say that say that ‘large increases of periods of stagnation ‘to make there very proper research proper research plan, after the postal. Though increased number of of grant applications is the proportion which replaced by federal funding from 32.1 percent in 2001 on 20 percent in 2006 did declined, according to the NIH figures.