500 live male births.

About DMDDuchenne muscular dystrophy is a severely debilitating childhood neuromuscular disease that 1 acts in 3,500 live male births. This rare disease is caused by mutations in the dystrophin gene, In a non – in the absence or defect of the dystrophin protein.

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The Executive Board announced a potential one-year license suspension and $ 50,000 a fine against Florida family physician of so unlicensed medical secretaries for liposuction carry out alleged, the second major disciplinary measures put contains recently of the Board, the inadequate training in cosmetic surgery. – Liposuction is a surgical operation that should only be performed by a well – trained and properly credentialed unsigned or unlicensed or unqualified personnel these this type of surgery be a gross violation of safety of the patients , the the recent taken taken. Florida Board of Medicine a clear message to that this kind by compromise in order of patient safety will not be tolerated, said Felmont Eaves III, Chairman of the ASAPS. The body ASAPS calls on all consumers considering plastic surgery in order to credentialed their procedures under the protection properly and healthcare providers has conducted.