TENA is a 1 million after the start.

TENA is a 1 million after the start, the spending focus on its sponsorship of TENA for Men Honda – a team in the British Superbike Championship. Press and online advertising support the Superbike club that, a tie with Orchid Men contains the Cancer Charity – Prostate cancer is a major cause of male bladder weakness. The British Superbike Championship gets over 1 million viewers each race and crowds of 35,000 at each event. Bladder weakness is a hidden problem for millions of people, says Marketing Manager TENA Nick Foulger. The introduction of TENA for Men is a great opportunity for pharmacists their range their range of incontinence products for a growing male market.

Vice-Chair Medicine.Critical Care Medicine Expert honor one of the founders of the fieldhelped to celebrate his pioneering efforts, the introduction of a new medical discipline held, the Department of Intensive Care Medicine , a reception for Distinguished Service Professor Ake Grenvik, the 40 after a – withdrew year career at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Continue reading “TENA is a 1 million after the start.”

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